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Filipina bargirl Karen Ramos

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Filipina Cam Girls

Karen Ramos is a bargirl from the Philippines. She made her appearance in a site name Amateur Asian Bar Girls. The site features all the bar girls around Philippines. If you are a big fan of Filipina bargirls, this is surely a site you might want to take a closer look. There are a lot of pretty Filipina bargirls posing in nude and you will get to see what is the latest bars to go to when you make a visit to the Philippines.


Real Filipina bar girl Avrill

Apr 8th, 2010 Posted in Filipina Bargirl | no comment »

Got a not new site that dedicated to hot real Filipina bar girls. Most of the talents are real bar girls working around the Philippines. If you have never been to the Philippines and planning to make a visit, is good to check out this site and learn more about the bar girl scenes from this site. This will make you understand more and avoid some third world problems. For those of you who had been here once and back home now, missing those lovely Filipina bar girls that gives you the GFE feel, you can also join the site to reminisce the nice feeling when you were there. I bet bar girl like Avrill who is pretty and hot must be constantly on your mind. Is good to wank it off once in a while to clear the system and get back to being normal. So check out Amateur Asian Bar Girls and join in this hot NEW site now.


Two Filipina sharing one white cock

Dec 5th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Bargirl | no comment »


I visited Philippines a while back. A friend of mine took me to this bar in Malate where we can pick up some girls. Name of the bar is LA Cafe. A lot of Filipina girls working as free lancer. I was approached by this girl with some sort of dirty blond hair. I don’t quite like her looks and rejected her and gotten another girl instead. After my trip in Philippines I went back to my country. Sometimes at night, I do miss the night life of Manila. So I resorted to going online to look at some Filipina porn. I had a big surprise when I saw the girl who approached me in LA Cafe was a performer in this site called Trike Patrol. She is seen here sharing a white dick with another Pinay. I am quite amazed that she can do some really hardcore stuff. Click here for the full list of Trike Patrol’s Filipina girls.

Filipina bargirls that I’ve fucked

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It is so easy to actually love to get Filipina to pose nude in front of the camera. They just love to pose and looking sexy at all times. Is part of the culture as you can see on TV, even day time programs like the famous Wowowee and Eat Bulaga have a lot of sexy female dancers. These 2 programs are widely seen by all the nation every day. So is only natural that these Filipinas growing up tying to be like those sexy dancers. So when you barfine a Filipina, don’t be afraid to ask them to pose for you naked. Ask and you shall receive. If you want to see more pictures and also stories about sex tour in the Philippines, do click on the picture and find out more.

Crazy Pinay bargirls showing off their boobs

Jul 13th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Bargirl | one comment »


The sluttiest bargirl of Angeles City is back with her 2 Pinay bargirl friends. The photo shoot was done in the club while they are doing business. You can see in the picture gallery that there are some other bar girls dancing on stage and a few customers. Normally bargirls are prohibited from getting naked in the bars of Angeles City. Well, anything is possible in here as money can solve almost anything. So most of the time you visit a bar, you will not see naked girls dancing in Angeles City. For totally naked girls dancing on stage, there are other place to go to in the Philippines. I will post more of the info in the near future. Frankly, there’s no point to see a bargirl in Angeles City dancing naked. Just bar fine her for $30 and you can have her dancing naked in your room all night. I will not think twice to  pay Sherylie and friends to hang out in my room all at the same time. Judging from their pictures, I’m sure I will get more than dances. In the meantime I’m just happy to be a member in her site and wank it off till I get there again.

Filipina whore posing before getting fuck

Jul 9th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Bargirl | no comment »


I’ve always enjoyed looking at the girls of Filipina Coed. The site has some really hot looking Filipina girls that do hardcore scenes. I really prefer sites that is not done by a big prodcution team. I love scenes that is done by the camera man himself. He does the shooting alone, interviewing the girls and then fuck the girl himself. I would suspect that sometimes he gets another girl to shoot the scenes for him while he is too busy fucking. Just imagining that scenario gives me a straight up boner. I wonder the other girl who is shooting will feel horny and get wet in her pussy. Probably after the shoot, all 3 of them would fuck the night away. Check out the gallery of Kiana, a very hot looking Filipina prostitute.

Big butted Filipina bar girl

Jul 9th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Bargirl, Filipina Hardcore | no comment »


I have so much content of Filipina bar girls that I can’t remember who is who. Luckily I have quite a good system putting them in some folders and naming them. This Pinay is featured in Trike Patrol and goes by the name of Runa. She must be one of the thousands of bar girls working in the Angeles City girlie bars. Filipina whores are the best as you get “girl friend feel” every time you bar fine them. Most girls allow you to kiss them on the lips and they will return the kiss as well. You can lick their Filipina pussy if you do not mind that the pussy has been receiving various sizes of cocks. They will also suck your cock without condoms and if they get over excited, might probably fuck you bare back. It all depends on you whether you are brave enough to do the bare back fucking. Just take a look of the bravery of the producer of Trike Patrol where they will fuck this Asian hoes bare back.

Filipina POV featuring bargirl Hazel

Jul 8th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Bargirl | no comment »


If you love POV ( Point Of View ) and Filipina bar girls. I highly recommend you this site. FILIPINA POV is all about Filipina bar girls sucking cocks with the camera shooting really to the point of action. You can see all this Filipina whores sucking and gagging on white Caucasian cocks. These Filipina whores will take the cum in their mouth and faces gladly. The talent are mostly bar girls working in the Burgos area of Makati. I’ve even bump into some girls that has featured online but I just did not mention that I’ve seen their videos online. Sometimes it motivates me to bar fine them as they are considered to be little Filipina pornstars in my opinion.

Meet the ultimate Filipina slut

Jul 6th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Bargirl | no comment »


Have you ever encountered a girl in your work place or maybe in your college days who is a natural born slut? She is the girl the kind of girl who are super friendly with everybody and also doesn’t seem to mind getting very touchy even though is like on a first meeting. Well, if you haven’t meet someone like this, let me introduce you to Sherylie ( girl on the right ) – the ULTIMATE FILIPINA SLUT. She used to work in a bar and probably got bar fine almost every night with her outgoing ( ahemmm..slutty ) character. She probably take more cocks than you ever eaten McDonald’s in your entire life. Don’t get me wrong, is not bad to be a slut. In fact a slut knows what she wants and not pretentious like some other girls who pretend to be classy but end up having sex alone with her out of battery dildo. Sherylie on the other hand gets a real cock where she gets to suck it, bite it and sit on it. This girl is even into having sex with another girl if there’s no available cock. I will post more of this Pinay slut as I do enjoy seeing her doing what she love most.

Slutty looking Filipina bargirl

Jul 6th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Bargirl | one comment »


More pictures courtesy of TRIKE PATROL. This time we feature Kelly who is a bargirl working in Fields Avenue, Angeles City. This Filipina slut really feel so comfortable getting naked and getting fucked by big white Caucasian cocks. If you have been surfing the Internet looking at porn made in South East Asian countries, you will noticed that most of the talent look so sad and robotic. Is almost like fucking a corpse or a log. With the talent recruited by the TRIKE PATROL team, you can see all the Filipina girls actually do enjoy getting pounded in front of the camera. Is just the way they suck the cock and moaning with pleasure really make me wonder whether this is for real or do they get paid. I guess is does not really matter whether they get paid or do it for real as long as we can continue to look at great Filipina porn made by Trike Patrol.

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