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Sexy Filipina teen with nice ass

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Don’t you just love this Filipina teen. She came to my room dressing up so proper and looks like a school teacher with her studious glasses. But don’t be fool with that picture of her. I asked her if I can take nude pictures of her and she said sure. She took out her jeans and I saw her wearing a very sexy g-string. I bite her ass softly and it felt so damn good. Love the way she reacted to it like as though she wanted me to stop me from biting but at the same time she was feeling good too. Since she will be with me the whole day, I don’t need to rush things. I started rubbing baby oil on her really tight Filipina butt. While rubbing it, I kinda like use my index finger to touch her pussy but I made it appear to be like it was accidental. Could see her reaction that she wanted me to rub her pussy more. I decided to just be a tease for now and make her beg for more later. Took her pictures and she was really good at posing. After 5 minutes, I think both of us couldn’t stand it and start fucking each other brains out.


Sexy Filipina escort ready to please

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My buddy just found out a really good Filipina escort company in Manila, Makati. Makati is the main business district in the Philippines and when the money is there, adult entertainment will surely exists too. For those of you who are familiar with the notorious Burgos Street in Makati, you will surely encounter the strips of girly bars. Is fun to go there once in a while to have some drinks with your buddies and flirt a little bit with the really young and  skimpily dressed girls who are trying their best to ask you to take them out for barfine. The price is pretty expensive nowadays as it is located at the business district and majority of the customers are tourists. So for you guys who does not want to spend time buying ladies drinks and would like to have a romantic dinner with a really stunning girls, then getting a Filipina escort is the best choice. After dinner you can either go watch some good Filipino bands belting out the latest songs on the charts or head straight back to hotel. Filipina are really sweet in nature and making sure you are pleased and satisfy is their main goal. They will really give you the Girl Friend Effect and would jump into the bath tub with you and after that give you some hot oil massage rub while she is naked too. My friend really had a great time for that entire 8 hours and the price is really reasonable as the service is excellent. Click on the picture to find out of the service if you happen to be in Manila. I can guarantee that you will have a time of your life.

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