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Another HD Video of a barely legal Pinay

Mar 3rd, 2010 Posted in Filipina Amateur, Filipina Hardcore | no comment »

Trike Patrol is delivering more goodies for the month of March 2010. I would say this is the only Filipina porn site that does High Definition Videos. This time around they feature a really cute looking girl by the name of Ice. Ice looks like she has just turned 18 and ready to rock the world with her first porn video. Click on the picture to see HD video.


Filipina Annie Cruz in Ultimate Surrender

Dec 14th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Hardcore | no comment »

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This site Ultimate Surrender is really something different. Different in a very good way. If you guys are into seeing Asian girls fucking each other, this is really a site you should consider joining. Unlike other sites with Asian lesbians which normally start by kissing each other and then proceed to fuck each other, Ultimate Surrender starts with the scene where the 2 Asian girls will wrestle each other in panties and bra. Normally it would last 3 rounds and most of the clothes will be remove by then, due to the wrestling and struggle. Most of the time when a girl is being pinned down, the girl on top will sit on the face of the girl who is being pinned down and forced to eat the pussy. The winner will then get to fuck the brains out of the loser by using a strap one. Make the loser walks on fours and humiliate her in front of a live audience. To sum this up real quick, if you enjoy Asian girls, lesbian sex and WWE, Ultimate Surrender is the site you should be spending money on.

Filipina hardcore videos page ready

Dec 11th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Hardcore | no comment »


I spent a decent amount of time making this page for everyone to enjoy. The page includes most of my personal favorite Filipina porn videos. I will try to add more videos daily. I hope you guys enjoy and I will always be thankful if you can leave a comment on how to improve my blog. Click here to enjoy HARDCORE FILIPINA VIDEOS.

Filipina Fucked by Machine cock

Nov 8th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Hardcore | no comment »


This nude Asian girl is seen having a good time with some really big sex toys. The toys are machine operated and it can definitely go in and out of her tiny Asian pussy faster than any studs can do it in real life. I’m not quite sure if this Asian girl is a Filipina hottie, but from my experience, she looks like one for sure. Salute to the site Fucking Machines for keep bringing us fresh talent as always. If you guys haven’t visited this site, please check it out as it will blow your mind away to see all these sophisticated fucking machines being built to give maximum pleasure to all these horny girls. My only hope is that they still want cocks after being fucked by all these Sex Machines.

Filipina girl fucked with dildo

Oct 2nd, 2009 Posted in Filipina Hardcore | no comment »


This is one bizarre site name Ultimate Surrender. It is a BDSM site that features girls wrestle one another.  Who ever wins get to fucked and violate the loser with some heavy duty sex toys. Even though it is not 100% Asian site, but they do feature a lot of Filipina girls like Annie Cruz. It is something really different compared to the ordinary porn that you see online. It is not for the weak and definitely for those are into Filipina and some hardcore sex action.

Amateur Filipina sucking a big white dick

Jul 19th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Hardcore | one comment »


I got to hand it to the guys of Trike Patrol. They can really recruit horny Filipina to look so natural while doing their first Filipina porn videos. Take a look at this Filipina slut by the name of Claudia. Look at the way she poses for the camera. Holding a cock and biting her lips a little bit to show how hungry she is for that juicy white cock. By looking at picture itself, it makes us all imagine how she will suck on that cock and later ride it violently. When she get doggy sex she really enjoys it and doesn’t seem to care that it is being film. This really proves that Filipina really do enjoy having sex so much.

Big butted Filipina bar girl

Jul 9th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Bargirl, Filipina Hardcore | no comment »


I have so much content of Filipina bar girls that I can’t remember who is who. Luckily I have quite a good system putting them in some folders and naming them. This Pinay is featured in Trike Patrol and goes by the name of Runa. She must be one of the thousands of bar girls working in the Angeles City girlie bars. Filipina whores are the best as you get “girl friend feel” every time you bar fine them. Most girls allow you to kiss them on the lips and they will return the kiss as well. You can lick their Filipina pussy if you do not mind that the pussy has been receiving various sizes of cocks. They will also suck your cock without condoms and if they get over excited, might probably fuck you bare back. It all depends on you whether you are brave enough to do the bare back fucking. Just take a look of the bravery of the producer of Trike Patrol where they will fuck this Asian hoes bare back.

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