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Slant eyes Pinay teen camgirl Chinky

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This cute Filipina teen chose the screen name Chinky. No need to be a genius to guess why this mixed Chinese and Filipina teen preferred this name. This slant eye beauty loves to get naked in from of her webcam. She loves the attention and whenever people praise her lovely tight teen body, she feels really happy. Initially she was a little bit shy but after a while, she enjoys working as a cam girl. One of the best benefits is that she gets to learn more about people from all around the world.


Filipina Vic getting naked in front of her webcam

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I know you must be a big fan of Filipina babes. Or else you wouldn’t be here at Filipina Porn Hunters right? How many of you here has actually tried webcam sex with a Pinay? I gotta warn you, it is actually very addictive as these girls will do almost anything just to please you. Many of us have crazy fetishes and visiting a live sex cams site allow us to live our crazy fantasies for while. Having live interactions with someone real sure beats the hell out of jerking to static pictures.


Say hello to Filipina camgirl Jeny

May 30th, 2011 Posted in Filipina Amateur, Filipina Pussy, Filipina Webcam | no comment »

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How long have you been surfing for Filipina porn in the Internet? Did you ever had a fantasy of fucking on of those lovely brown skin Asian hotties? I personally had tons of those imaginations and finally after getting to learn about “live cam sites” featuring Asian girls, I no longer need to fantasize. I’ve chatted with them online and had great time having cyber sex. In fact I’ve made so many friends with these lovely Pinay webcam girls, I’ve visited them in real life. I am not the type that will kiss and tell, but I will let you guess if I succeeded in bonking them in real life.


Very sweet looking Filipina cam girl

Jan 27th, 2011 Posted in Filipina Amateur, Filipina Babe, Filipina Webcam | no comment »


What makes me go crazy with Asian Live Cams is that whenever I want to visit Philippines for holiday, I already have someone waiting for me. I must say that not every cam girls will agree to meet me but 90% of the time, I will surely get some pretty Pinay cam girls to meet me. You just have to prove yourself to be a decent guy and I am sure they don’t mind meeting a new friend from a foreign country. Is not my goal to get them to have sex with me but I never rule out the opportunity either. I must admit is really hard to stay cool when you see someone as hot as the cam girl above.


Busty Filipina Cam Girl

Jan 19th, 2011 Posted in Busty Filipina, Filipina Webcam | no comment »

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I post about Filipina paysite all the time but I some how seldom post about Filipina cam sites. Another vice of mine is spending my hard earn money in all these Filipina cam girls. I don’t regret it as I think is money well spent. Everybody got their own vices and I am a sucker when it comes to beautiful Filipina cam girls that I have the ability to chat with “live”. I just enjoy the interactions and most of the time these cam girls are really naughty and always coaxed me into having cyber sex with them. Is really a different level of online porn entertainment as you are able to talk to a real person and having sex together online. Is really a great pleasure to be able to help the cam girls cum for real.


Hot Filipina cam girl from Asian Cam Divas

Jan 11th, 2011 Posted in Filipina Amateur, Filipina Babe, Filipina Webcam | no comment »


Can you imagine talking to this hot Filipina babe in real life? It is all made possible if you were to visit Asian Cam Divas. There are so many hot Filipina cam girls online at all times. If getting to know them is not enough, you may even see all these Filipina cam girls doing kinky sex act for you. You don’t need a webcam to view them. But some girls would love it more if you have a webcam where you can show yourself and have a meaningful cyber sex together. Don’t you just love this modern technology. You will never be lonely again with Asian Cam Divas.


Filipina girl working as a camgirl

Mar 27th, 2010 Posted in Filipina Teen, Filipina Webcam | no comment »

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Julie is a Filipina who works as a camgirl. Like most Filipina, this camgirl speaks good English and most of her members have no problem understanding her. Before working as a camgirl, Julie was working in a restaurant as a waitress. Her friends introduce her to the world of live sex cams because it pays better than her current job. She was not shy at all to give it a try because this Filipina loves to play with her pussy in front of the cam. If you have never tried online sex, you should try Julie out.


Really dirty Filipina webcam girl

Feb 13th, 2010 Posted in Filipina Webcam | one comment »

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Valentines day is fast approaching and if you do not have a partner or a girlfriend to go out on a date, do not despair. I have a solution for you as there are many girls available for you to have a good time with on that day. Asian 24/7 is a live sex cam site where you can go chat with hundreds of hot Asian girls for free. Most of the girls are from the Philippines and they do speak good English. Since you are on this site, I’m sure you have a certain likings over the Filipina girls. Am sure you have heard about how sweet and lovable this brown beauties are. Don’t get me started on saying how good they are when it comes to the art of love making. I just don’t want to get carried away by typing few thousand words just to describe how great they are on bed. So if you have no plans on Feb 14th, why not give this site a try. Best of all, membership is free with just an email activation. Of course if you want to get more intimate with the camgirl of your choice, you need to pay for a minimal fee. I still think is better than buying some overpriced roses and chocolates on that day. In the mean time, check out this Filipina webcam girl who is doing a show in her bathroom. See how she pleasure herself with a loofah and a dildo. Valentines day will not be the same again anymore.


This Filipina webcam girl is hot

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I can only think of a word to sum up this sweet Filipina webcam girl – “HAPPINESS”. She is really amazing and to me she is hot. I love dark skin girls with straight long hair. Not only she is friendly, but she really eager to make my money’s worth when I took her to private chat. She ask me what I love to see and I told her to do what she think is comfortable for her. She started by doing a slow dance while stripping her clothes. She then took off her bra slowly and started to lick her own nipples. That was fucking awesome to look at especially you know it is “live” and she is doing it for you. She proceed to take off her panties and started playing with her pussy and teasing her clit with her fingers till it gets a little wet. Then she took out a shinny silver dildo and started to shove if inside her tight Pinay pussy. She told me she is so fucking wet and she would prefer a real cock that is hard and warm instead of that metal toy that she is using. She took out the toy from her pussy and start licking her cum juice before sucking the whole damn toy. God, I swore I got a massive boner while typing this post. Visit Asian Camgirl Chaser for more Asian Sex Cams and Live Sex Cams stories.

Amateur Pinay working as webcam girl

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Most of the Asian girls working as webcam girls are from the Philippines. Pinays have the edge because they speak English well. They are also very exposed to western culture. Some of them take the opportunity to meet potential partner in life too while working as a camgirl. They are always drawn towards foreigners, especially Caucasian men. So if you happen to look for an Asian partner in life, visiting a cam site is not a crazy idea. As long as you love them, they don’t really care about your appearance at all. You can be an old geezer or an ugly mother fucker, but as long as you are sincere and honest you stand a chance to win a young Pinay’s heart.

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