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Filipina in sexy black stocking

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Alice is a teen Filipina new to the world of online porn. She was scouted in a bar in Cebu. She was thrilled to have her naked pictures taken. She gladly put on those sexy black stockings and she said she felt so sexy in it. This Filipina girl is really a horny person in real life. As she was sliding the dildo into her tiny Filipina pussy, she confessed that it really felt good and make her pussy wet. She said she can’t wait for a real cock after the shoot and would like also some hot tongue licking her clit.


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This teen Filipina is so gorgeous

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There’s no way in hell you will not get a major boner when you see the video of this gorgeous Filipina teen. Her name is Amanda and she just turned 18 years old. What better way to celebrate your come of age by doing a porn video. See Amanda stripped her clothes and then start to finger her tight Filipina pussy. Now you know why most of us are crazy about Filipina girls.


Petite Filipina teen Just Julee

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Another cute and petite Filipina that found her place in the world of Internet porn. I like this girl as she looks pretty adorable. Always have a soft spot for girls who has teeth like Julee. I always find girls like that very attractive. The best part is, her body is to die for too. Check out her pictures where she is showing her nice clean shaven pussy and donning some cute school girl outfit.

Very classy nude teen Filipina

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Every year as I get older, there are also girls who turn 18 at the same time. This teen Filipina looks so sexy and adorable. She just turned 18 years old and her name is Nelly. This is the first time she is doing nude photography. She is from Manila and currently deciding what course to take in college. If you want to see more of Nelly, you can check her out in the Filipina paysite review section.  She is currently the hottest Filipina girl that I’ve seen in the Internet.

Filipina amateur girl in nude photoshoot

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Don’t you just love all these Asian amateur girls. I particularly love Asian girls from the Philippines. They speak good English and very sensual. The only downside is they treat you like as though you are Brad Pitt and get jealous easily. I am not making this up my friend. You can be the ugliest mother fucker on earth, fatter than the late Dom Deluise but you are like Achilles from the movie Troy in her eyes. This amateur Filipina is hot as hell and she has a piercing at her naval. I like conservative Asian girls who are a bit naughty.


Pretty teen Filipina Baby Jeannie

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Filipina teen girls are just super! Look at this Filipina beauty by the name of Baby Jeannie. She is one of the models featured in one of the latest Asian Porn site and she is doing live sex cam show too. My favorite Asian destination for vacation is definitely the Philippines. The girls speaks good English and very open minded. They really know what they want and will not hesitate to bonk you if you really treat them with respect. Most people claim that the girls are sluts but I beg to differ. They just know what they want and having sex with someone they are attracted to is pretty normal. So the next time if you want to go to the Philippines for holidays, join an Asian live sex cam site, and get to know the girls. When you are here in the Philippines, call them out to have a nice diner and show you around. I am sure sex will be the next agenda if you know how to push the right button. Here is a blog where a guy writes his experience with all the Webcam girls. For now, I will try to get to know Baby Jeannie better.

Very sweet and sexy Filipina

Aug 27th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Teen | one comment »


This Filipina is definitely to die for. Met her during my last visit to the Philippines. She is working as a sales promoter in a Mall ( not going to mention the exact location ). I went to her and started pretending to buy the stuff she is promoting and took the chance to start a conversation. I told her I wanted to go out for a nice dinner and somewhere to chill but don’t exactly know where. She suggested a few places and I coyly asked her whether she can accompany me. She agreed and we went out together and really had a great time. I kept in touched with her and we meet pretty often in my hotel when she finished work. We made love after our 3rd meeting and oh boy is she good in bed or what. She has the sweetest tasting pussy and I can’t get enough eating it. I asked her whether I can take her sexy pictures for me to remember her. If you enjoy this kind of amateur pictures, I bet you would enjoy Lavender Tabby as this site is full of sexy amateur contents.

Manila girl doing her first nude pictorial

Jul 10th, 2009 Posted in Filipina Teen | one comment »


Looks like I’m really attracted to meaty Asian girls. I’m sure you can tell since all my posting you can see I always kinda feature girls that is  pack with some extra flesh. Check out this hottie from Manila. Diana spends a lot of time in the beach as you can see her tan line. I love her puffy pussy and I bet she gets real wet when horny. Chubby girls tends to wet easily and is really a delight to fuck a wet pussy.

Barely legal Filipina teen Joy Villa

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I do not know why I like this Filipina teen so much. She doesn’t have big boobs nor she possessed a pretty face. Some how she has that certain charisma as someone who is really good in sex. I think that draws me to her. She has a very nice pussy with some nice bush that looks so soft. Her pussy looks so fresh and very pinkish. I would definitely like to put the tip of my tongue and tease her clit with it. Once she is wet enough, I will slowly put my dick in her tiny Filipina pussy and start to pound her slowly. With her small frame I would like her to squat on my lap and start to ride my cock. Then I would gladly shoot my cum into her mouth. She looks like someone who is game for all this 😀

Chubby Pinay teen with big nipples

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horny-filipinaFilipina Cam Girls

This chubby Filipina teenager goes by the name of Beth. She really have a sweet face and for you meat lovers, Beth is definitely the kind of girl you want to hook up with. With nice meat on her ass, doggy style sex would be the best thing one can do. Feeling her butt cheek as you pound her from the back is really a turn on for guys who love meaty girls. Beth really has one of the best Filipina boobs I’ve seen. If you want to check out more of this busty Filipina, visit this page for MANILA AMATEURS REVIEW.

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