This teen Filipina is so gorgeous

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There’s no way in hell you will not get a major boner when you see the video of this gorgeous Filipina teen. Her name is Amanda and she just turned 18 years old. What better way to celebrate your come of age by doing a porn video. See Amanda stripped her clothes and then start to finger her tight Filipina pussy. Now you know why most of us are crazy about Filipina girls.


Petite Filipina teen Just Julee

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Another cute and petite Filipina that found her place in the world of Internet porn. I like this girl as she looks pretty adorable. Always have a soft spot for girls who has teeth like Julee. I always find girls like that very attractive. The best part is, her body is to die for too. Check out her pictures where she is showing her nice clean shaven pussy and donning some cute school girl outfit.

A dirty Filipina whore

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I just adore Filipina girls. They are so open minded and love sex so much. Meet my latest fuck mate. Her name is Rose and I met this Filipina through yahoo messenger. Her name on her yahoo messenger is DirtyWhore. I wouldn’t be calling her a whore if she did not use that name herself. We chat a little and then went into dirty talk. When I’m finally convinced that this girl is a nymphomaniac, I asked her to meet me and have sex and would she mind if I were to make a video out of it. She was so excited about the idea and wants to meet immediately. We met in my hotel and we just had a few drinks and I set up my camera and all. She is really one of the best fuck I had and I love the way she suck my cock. She can really give a good deep throat and as I am making this post, my cock is as hard as a rock reminiscing our wonderful sex act.


Now this one hardcore Filipina amateur

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This Filipina is super hot. I am not a big fan of girls piercing all over their body but I still find this girl super hot. She is seen here enjoying herself riding on his boyfriends cock and recording their sex actions at the same time. She has really nice pink pussy too which is so inviting. I bet the boyfriends eats her for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.


Another hot Filipina amateur

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After looking at this picture, I am sure you have to agree with me 100% that Filipina girls must be one of the prettiest race in South East Asia. After all they have produce few Miss World or Miss Universe. I personally love Filipina girls because firstly, they speak good English. Secondly, they are very loving and have joyful characters. They love music a lot and have very good taste in music. If I get a chance to meet this girl, I would get down on my knees and ask her to marry me.

Hot Pinay look like Jessica Alba

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Does this girl reminds you off a famous Hollywood celebrities? If you can’t guess it, I will just give you the answer. She does kinda looks like Jessica Alba according to many. She submitted her pictures to BONKMYASIAN.COM, a new Asian amateur site where girls who loves to share their naughty pictures. Some of the contents are submitted by ex-boyfriend who is trying to get some revenge after being dumped by the girlfriends. Is really a cool site where you get to see kinky Asian girls making naughty pictures and videos out of sheer pleasure. No fake or plastic porn where girls are paid to pretend they enjoy the sex. Check out the gallery of this hot amateur Filipina where she is getting ready for some body shots of tequila by her girlfriends.

Introducing sexy Filipina Keira Lee

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Another gorgeous Filipina to hit the Internet. When I used the term Filipina, it means girls who are born and bred in the Philippines. I know we have many American born Filipina girls who flood the porn scenes for Asian niche. However we lack of local Filipina girls having their own site where they are committed to have interaction with their members. So I am excited when I stumbled upon this pretty Filipina who runs who own site. She meets her members weekly in her live cam show. I’ve made a gallery of her member area for your viewing pleasure. Seen here is Keira in a sexy black stocking and garters. She has silky long black hair which what makes white folks go nuts about Asian girls. Check out the gallery for more nude Filipina pictures.

Filipina Annie Cruz in Ultimate Surrender

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This site Ultimate Surrender is really something different. Different in a very good way. If you guys are into seeing Asian girls fucking each other, this is really a site you should consider joining. Unlike other sites with Asian lesbians which normally start by kissing each other and then proceed to fuck each other, Ultimate Surrender starts with the scene where the 2 Asian girls will wrestle each other in panties and bra. Normally it would last 3 rounds and most of the clothes will be remove by then, due to the wrestling and struggle. Most of the time when a girl is being pinned down, the girl on top will sit on the face of the girl who is being pinned down and forced to eat the pussy. The winner will then get to fuck the brains out of the loser by using a strap one. Make the loser walks on fours and humiliate her in front of a live audience. To sum this up real quick, if you enjoy Asian girls, lesbian sex and WWE, Ultimate Surrender is the site you should be spending money on.

Filipina hardcore videos page ready

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I spent a decent amount of time making this page for everyone to enjoy. The page includes most of my personal favorite Filipina porn videos. I will try to add more videos daily. I hope you guys enjoy and I will always be thankful if you can leave a comment on how to improve my blog. Click here to enjoy HARDCORE FILIPINA VIDEOS.

Two Filipina sharing one white cock

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I visited Philippines a while back. A friend of mine took me to this bar in Malate where we can pick up some girls. Name of the bar is LA Cafe. A lot of Filipina girls working as free lancer. I was approached by this girl with some sort of dirty blond hair. I don’t quite like her looks and rejected her and gotten another girl instead. After my trip in Philippines I went back to my country. Sometimes at night, I do miss the night life of Manila. So I resorted to going online to look at some Filipina porn. I had a big surprise when I saw the girl who approached me in LA Cafe was a performer in this site called Trike Patrol. She is seen here sharing a white dick with another Pinay. I am quite amazed that she can do some really hardcore stuff. Click here for the full list of Trike Patrol’s Filipina girls.

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