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  • Duration:- The most important factor while choosing an escort is how much time he/she will spend with you. It is recommended to choose the escort who is willing to spend quality time with you.
  • Appearance:- Appearance of an hire a pornstar makes big difference on choice, as everybody wants a good looking attractive escort, but some chances are there that pictures of escorts that agency show can be edited or fake, thus you should prefer meeting escort in person before hiring them for their services.
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  • Use good quality lubricants:- Using quality lubricants reduce the chances of infection and wounds that occur due to friction. As in las vegas pornstar there is a high use of hands and sex toys, proper and good quality lubricants are recommended that are gentle on the skin and do not cause any irritation or allergic reaction.
  • Wash and maintain sex toys hygiene:- sex toys should be washed with warm water and soaps properly after every use and should be stored in a dry and hygienic place. You should test and check the material of your sex toys as some companies use cheap plastics to make sex toys which can cause infection and irritation when used.
  • Keep separate toys for vaginal and anal sex:- anal sex and vaginal sex toys should be separate as using the same toy for anal and vaginal sex increases the chances of infection in both vagina and anus.

Following these tips given by top pornstar las vegas, every woman can have safe sex with other women.

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